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Volare brings together a diverse team of Co-Active® Coaches with leadership development expertise in international financial organizations, private, and public sectors, committed to transforming the world by transforming leadership.

Donna Milofsky, CPCC, PCC

Managing Partner

Donna specializes in developing resilient teams and authentic leadership. She is an expert in globally recognized leadership growth and development tools and helps clients align personal, professional, and organizational success.  Donna provides clients with a powerful blend of challenge and support for creating the results that matter most.          

Isabella de Martín, CPCC, PCC

Managing Partner

Isabella specializes in working with clients from diverse and multicultural backgrounds.  Isabella takes a holistic approach to her work; from addressing professional challenges to navigating major life transitions. She helps clients see the big picture and reach solutions that encompass the full complexity of their lives.

Vernice Jones, CPCC, PCC

Leadership Coach

Vernice brings extensive experience with C-Suite and Fortune 500 executives. She specializes in leadership assessment, development and coaching. She has delivered in-person and virtual development programs worldwide. Clients find unique value in her depth of knowledge and expertise.

David Andrews, CPCC, PCC

Leadership Coach

David believes in mastering leadership by developing self-awareness of strengths, and limiting beliefs and behaviors. He works with clients to shift focus and energy from reactive tendencies to creative competencies. His clients move forward by connecting values and vision with purpose and passion, as they expand their range.

Sandra Olper, CPCC, PCC

Leadership Coach

Sandra specializes in working with expatriate professionals, their spouses, and their children. She helps clients connect to their strengths, increase their confidence, and connect to their inner leader.  As a result, creativity flows, communication is clearer, and teams thrive.

Rachel Peterson, CPCC, PCC

Leadership Coach

Rachel specializes in effective workplace transitions for professionals of all levels in countries all over the world. Her work with individuals, teams, and businesses of all sizes has helped her develop an integrated approach – including facilitation, organizational development, strategic change management, and neuroscience based coaching. The impact of her work is productive, effective, engaged workplaces.

Sebastian Martin

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development

Sebastian is a global entrepreneur and business coach with a knack for written and oral communication, early stage business strategy, and mobilizing others around a common vision. He is a successful entrepreneur with experience in the US, Latin America and China, and has extensive experience in leadership and entrepreneurial education. He designs and delivers leadership curriculum at university and executive levels, and he has a passion for developing emerging leaders.

Sebastian's Full Bio

Michelle Maluwetig

Business and Leadership Development

Michelle specializes in helping entrepreneurs turn their leadership and business ideas into reality.  She enables clients to stay anchored to their vision, values, and creativity while navigating overwhelming bureaucratic requirements such as licensing, registration, web development, supply chain analysis and preparing for financing. Michelle’s expertise in social media design and messaging enables her clients to launch the business of their dreams.

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